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directly with our instructors to

find a time that works best for

all parties. 

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About music lessons

We strive to make it easy for your child to excel musically with the instrument of their choosing. Children will learn how to play and master an instrument at his or her own pace. We structure lessons so one flows directly into the next in a natural progression. Each of our lessons is designed to implement what was learned in previous lessons. In this manner, students and instructors will consistently reinforce and build upon the acquired knowledge and musical dexterity. Each student will learn how to read music and understand theory.  Arches instructors provide a wide variety of experiences to help both beginning and advanced students to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of making music. 

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Arches has fall and spring recitals for students to play songs they have learned on stage for parents, family, and friends.


We offer lessons in the following instruments: guitar, piano, and violin.


(513) 574 - 2252​


6453 Bridgetown road                       cincinnati, ohio 45248